Our Philosophy

  Our Philosophy

At Fertility Detox Retreat you can cleanse, repair and stock up. Our aim is to get you as fertile as possible over the course of a week. Armed with everything you experience and learn at the retreat, you will leave feeling more confident about your ability to conceive and have a healthy baby. If you are undergoing assited conception, a fertility detox retreat prepares your body perfectly for receiving the embryo and having a healthy pregnancy. It enables men to boost their sperm health and repair DNA damage.  

We will support you in all aspects of getting pregnant. Your physical body is just one of the areas where there may be blockages. We aim to help you find balance mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so that you can embrace parenthood holistically.

As for your eating habits:  It’s not about eliminating ALL the ‘bad’ foods in life (all the ones you crave and believe you can’t live without). Our aim is to show how wonderful you feel when you’re consuming nourishing wholefoods; and how vibrant you feel when you’re drinking freshly made juices and smoothies. We’re convinced that you’ll take this experience home with you. It has the power to transform your eating habits in a positive way.

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”                             Thomas Edison (1847-1931)




Fertility Detox Retreat was created by author, speaker and fertility consultant Claudia Spahr.

Claudia’s advice columns and articles appear in magazines and newspapers around the world.

Her critically acclaimed book, Right Time Baby – The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood was released in 2011 by Hay House – the world’s leading Mind Body Spirit publishers.



Together with her husband she also founded Lotus Yoga Retreat in South Goa, India in 2008. It was voted one of the world’s best yoga retreats by The Guardian in 2012. Claudia has three young children, whom she conceived at 39, 42 and 44.  At 45 she still feels vibrant and fertile.

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